I walked for miles and miles in NYC this past week and the weather had it's way with me. But because it was NYC and because I had a wicked smart, funny and able travel companion,guides/friends and hostess, it was a great vacation. Some thoughts:

The $29 hamburger at DB Bistro is just a gimmick and not worthy of us. Also they over salted my grilled skate. On the other hand, the $2.49 Gray's Papaya recession special (2 hot dogs and a drink) I ate while walking down the street was perfect and I honestly enjoyed it more than the DB Bistro food. I guess I'm a cheap date.

Why did I buy this $500 Prada terry cloth headband?

Double fried Hostess Cherry Pie at the Chip Shop in Park Slope? I'll take another one please. Also let's split another deep fried mac and cheese?

Arlene's Grocery Karaoke with the live band was rocking and the Tinkle Show at Piano's was fun (but the line and the lack of chairs is pretty insulting. Didn't David Cross's people know I was visiting?).

No, I swear this Louie Vuitton Murakami handbag with "J'Adore Andrew" airbrushed on the side I bought back for you is real.

Friday night I got back to Chicago and crashed hard and woke up in time to go to Greektown for Jim and Katie's party on Sat. afternoon. Chicago weather was perfect. Sunny but not very humid, and the streets seemed so peaceful and empty compared to NYC. And later that night, after korean barbeque to see more friends and then the Hidden Cove to meet up with Jim's crew again. And Sunday, dim sum hang-over brunch and then a bike ride to Wicker Park for a barbeque (best party food ever) where I saw Jim and Katie and their cool friends again (The guy throwing the party, who met Pam and Syd the night before at Hidden Cove, kept asking where they were and I just shrugged and kept stuffing my face and said, "Maybe they don't like FUN?").

So it's been a nice welcome back to Chicago weekend where I hung out with almost all of my favorite people. I think I like Chicago a little more every time I visit NYC. And I like NYC a little more every time also. I like both places for different reasons. Both cities really highlight each other's weaknesses and strengths. I wish I could live in both cities. You know, like when I tried to date you and your roommate at once? Cause I liked you both for different reasons? Yeah, like that. But points to Chicago for the active courting of me this weekend. Sometimes you can be so sweet even if you don't offer me deep fried Mars bars and Central Park.

Tom called this week and said he's in Portland, Oregon and it's his favorite city outside of Chicago so far. I've never been. I better go check it out.

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