to cry about



Did you know that Catherine O’Hara of SCTV has a sister named Mary Margaret O'Hara? I didn’t. I guess she’s has a couple of albums out and has a “cult” following. Everything But the Girl has one song of hers on their “Back to Mine” collection called “To Cry About”. It’s sort of a Twin Peak-ish sounding love song and makes me wish my turntable had a repeat button I could set. It’s a shiny jewel of pop sound and one of those songs I know almost all of my friends who have not heard it will like it a lot. I bet it turns out that everyone has heard the song and are wondering where the hell I’ve been. Or it’s on some commercial now. Speaking of Catherine O’Hara, I thought Anne What’sHerFace, who played the mom in American Beauty, was sort of doing an impression of Catherine O’Hara doing an impression of her.

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