old email



More old email from Pam come back to haunt me.

From: Andrew

Sent: Thursday, May 27, 1999 9:55 PM

To: Pamela

Subject: Fake Tai Chi!!!!!

I like the Spike vs. Angel thing. It was right on the MONEY!!!! I don't know why I got all loud there. I DON"T KNOW!!!!! I have the day off on FRIDAY!!!! I WILL WALK AROUND AND...? I don't know. Maybe I'll walk you home from work?

This morning I got up early and decided against the gym. I voted with my feet and ended up at a Cuban diner on Milwaukee (sp?). Eggs and bacon and cafe con leche. Good and cheap and not crowded. Just me and some Mexican middle-aged guys sitting at the counter, just eating and being the MEN we are. True urban cowboys, the kind of men you don't see anymore cause everyone else is all wimpy and shit and eating cereal at home (no, I'm not necessarly talking about Tom...). One of the men had a shower cap on his head, like maybe he was in the middle of a a perm. But I did not make an issue of it. Men don't comment about all the upkeeping we have to do. Bad form.

And there was good Cuban bread and butter. Whoa!!! I just had a thought.

What if Angel is not doing fake Tai Chi? What if he is doing Tae Boe???????

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