orange shoes



This morning I biked from Wishbone with Tom up Lincoln and Wells to work. And on the way I saw a girl with most orange shoes ever. Like her feet were on fire. I think they were Adidas and they were cool since I only saw them out of the corner of my eye and didn't have to actually stare at them. Lots of things look so much better when only glimpsed at like that. Hey, I read in Spin (what? I ,uh, found a copy on the train. I usually only read MOJO and my battered copy of the Trouser Press Guide to Records of course)and there was an article about how popular Morrissey is in East LA among young hispanics. Is that true? That would be cool. But the story was so badly written I'm not sure if it was a dumb prank or something. I miss Legs McNeil. I like how if you look up McNeil's book "Please Kill Me" on, his and two other book titles show up. McNeil's "Please Kill Me","Please...Don't Kill Me", and my favorite, "Please Don't Rob or Kill Me."

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