durian ottoman



Sat. afternoon while waiting for Mike to show up for lunch, I took a stroll to the “antiques” store on Western by me and there it was, an ottoman. I was just thinking how I wanted one. It was nothing special, kinda plain (maybe even ugly), but it looked brand new and the guy said he’d give it to me for 15 bucks. Ah yeah. And man, now I feel dumb for not having one for so long. Putting your feet up on a coffee table does not compare at all. It makes my couch and every chair twice as comfy to sit in. Seriously, I feel that my standard of living has been greatly increased by this piece of furniture. Best 15 bucks spent in a long time. The Ottoman Empire conquered my feet. I wish I had one here at work also. Oh, and Luku had like 16 pinball machines at his b-day party on Sat. night. Incredible! And on Sunday afternoon I watched a Buffy I missed on a tape that Pam brought over for me and we watched that over chocolate chip cookies. It was the one where Riley comes back. Did you guys notice Riley, aka Potato Nose, looks like he got a nosejob? Yup. Later that night I finally watched some of the extra dvd stuff on the In the Mood For Love disc. And it made me wonder if I would like durians? Or if it would make me gag?

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