a pack of smokes and a microphone



3 songs, 3 raspy voices.

Ryan Adams- Starting to Hurt

Adams, who I've only recently been a fan of after writing him off after Gold, has really grown on me with Demolition. When he sings "it's starting to hurt" that rasp in his throat kills me. He might be a jerk but he's a jerk with some really catchy songs. He's all drama and the hooky chorus and I've been listening to this song a lot.

Replacements (live)-September Gurls

This one is all fuzzy and sloppy and they bash more than play this song. And it's excellent of course.

Shane McGowan (with Sinead O' Connor) - Haunted

Sinead is all pretty heavenly and Shane sounds like maybe he's smoking a cig via a hole in his neck and it's one of the best duets ever. I want them to record Islands in the Stream together someday. Or maybe Up Where We Belong?
All 3 songs are here .

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