pants again



Yesterday I was on that street, where that store is. You know, the one I am almost never on and I forget exists till I have to go there for some reason? The fancy one? With the Cynthia Rowely store? Yah, that one. Every big city has one, right? Except sometimes the store is some other kind of famous designer? Anyway, I went in to the chain clothing store thatís there, cause once again Iím down to one pair of work pants. I thought I should own two pairs at least and browsed around. And I found a pair of khakis on the sale rack. I havenít worn khakis in awhile but they were really nice and cheap so I took them up to the counter. The lady rang me up and told me it would be 90 bucks. R! No way is this pirate paying 90 bucks for khakis! Well, not when I thought it was going to be like 30 bucks. You know how it is when that happens, you think the price is low and then when they ring you up itís way higher? The confusion, the doubt, the shame, the anger! The salesperson said it was in that rack by accident while the whole time she gave me an annoyed retail-customers-all-suck look I know so well and have worn, as she waited for me to either pay for it or maybe do that ďgive me the sales price since it was in that area and you fooled me I want customer service!Ē rant thing some people do. I just said thanks and left without the pants. Also I think all the way to work this morning my zipper might have been down. Pants are so much trouble.

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