my back is pro-peace



went to anti-war thing on Devon today. lots of people. what was up with the buses on Western? did you notice they were going north but none were going south? i feel like it was on purpose. i walked all the way back home and for about an hour didn't see one bus going south. my back must be for peace cause it didn't act up that much. also i was suprised to see my former co-worker, a middle eastern guy who is a Republican up on the stage where people were giving speeches. before i left the house for the rally i checked the local stations to see if anyone was covering it. no. all they had was news reporters covering the "big" Chicago auto show...those reporters, do they go home at night after something like that and stand in the shower for an hour trying to wash the shame away? or just do donuts in their free Humvees? maybe if the rally organizers played up the event as a "dating" or weightloss event, they could of got some press coverage. oh, speaking of, i made up a new insult while talking to my friend about diets. "shut your carb-hole". feel free to use it.

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