Played some golf this weekend. Yeah, I hate golf (waste of resources. 1 million gallons of water a day just for one course) but I did pretty well. Especially on the part with the giant Frankenstein head and the Windmill. First time playing put-put mini-golf in years. Went to a place called the Bunny Hutch. Mini-Golf, batting cages, and a snack bar. Nice! The best part was the big sign on the side of the road in front of the Bunny Hutch, one of those plastic jobs with stick-on lettering. On the side that faced away from the road it said for some reason: "PEONS!" How did they know? Was it what I was wearing? Or is that just the kind of people they are looking for? I guess CEO's and other rich people don't usually go for mini-golf. Their loss.

Rode my motorcycle also. The three comments I get most are: 1. Nice bike! 2. Nice LITTLE bike. 3. How much did that cost? Well, thanks, it's big in my heart, and none of your beeswax. What's up with people always asking what stuff cost? I could understand if you are thinking about buying the same thing but I think most people just ask out of habit. It's my pet peeve. When it comes to money the only time we should discuss it is if you got an incredible deal at a thrift store and want to brag or you and your co-workers are talking salary/bonus. Maybe I'm just shy about having spent $1,000,000 on my bike. It was worth every red cent. When I come home at night I walk past my bike and I always have to stop and look at it for a minute. Last week I got a repair manual for my bike and today I sent a check for the original user's manual. I love Ebay.

Also spent more time with Jamie the New Roommate. Getting along with him well. We bar-b-qued, saw a movie, watched TV, played some tennis and also I told him my first lie. We were watching a baseball game that was in Kansas City and I said, "You know, KC is the only place they still bottle and sell Pepsi Clear. Only place in America where you can get that stuff." And for some reason I didn't answer, "Just kidding" when he said, "Really? That's weird." I don't know why I said that. I think I saw a Pepsi billboard during the game (I think I'm what is known in Lit Classes as the "Unreliable Narrator"). Anyway, I consider it a harmless lie between roommates unless he one day decides to drive out there so he can buy a case. I'm pretty sure he doesn't read this so don't tell him. I'm waiting for him to pass on my Pepsi Clear info.

"Oh, you're from Kansas City? Did you know…"

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