So on Sat. I had lunch with Mike T. at Silver Cloud on Damen. I had a nice burger and some tater tots. The burger was great, the tots were a little dry. Mike had an omelette. He said his potatoes were also a little dry I think. And when we finished, we walked out and saw a guy with a pig.

"Hey, that's a guy with a pig," I said, cleverly saying exactly what I was thinking. We went over for a look. It was fat and bristly. The guy who owned it was sitting down in front of a store. He was one of those bald, skinny yet also muscular guys. You know artist/musician/bartender types. When we got there after crossing the street (Yes, Me and Mike crossed the street to look at a pig. We don't have much of a life.) There was a woman with a dog talking to him.

"What's its name?" She said.

"Bacon," he said flatly.

"Hohohohahahehe (ok, maybe not exactly like that)," She laughed, all loud, "I LOVE A MAN WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR!"

The guy just pretends not to have heard her. She walks away then comes back and asks him something obvious and then tells him, "Well, I'll be at the dog park now. With my dog. Waiting for you. Cause I'm HITTING ON YOU REAL HARD IN FRONT OF STRANGERS!!!" Or something like that.

And the guy just pretends not to notice again.

And cut to Mike and me taking it all in. The pig, the woman hitting on the guy with the pig. See light bulb going off above our heads. Yes, we both had the same idea that flashed through our heads for a second. "GET PIG MEET GIRLS!"

It was just a second but still very sad.

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