sexy and oddly familar



"Remarkably, despite an overall downturn in domestic retail spending, YSL has sold like crazy, posting a 157 percent increase over the same period last year. Gucci was down significantly, but, then, they didn't have YSL's secret weapon, the shirt of the season: the YSL gypsy peasant blouse, with puffy sleeves in purple silk for $2,500. The shirt is a classic illustration of why Ford has been so successful. The blouse is festive and sexy and oddly familiar, since it is a reworked version of the rich hippie look that Yves Saint Laurent made popular in the 70's. On Sept. 11, the YSL store on Madison Avenue received more than 40 calls asking when it was opening and if the shirt would be available." -- New York Times,LYNN HIRSCHBERG. Damn, now people will know how much I paid for the shirt I'm wearing on New Year's Eve.

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