pulp fiction



I bought McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales last night while waiting around for my ride to Korean barbeque. It's edited by Michael Chabon and includes pulp short stories by Stephen King, Nick Hornby, Neil Gaiman, Elmore Leonard, Glen David Gold, Harlan Ellison, Sherman Alexie, Kelly Link and other famous writers. Also I just figured out it's the official no. 10 issue of McSweeney's. Do the words "McSweeney's" now make you want to run away or does it attract you? What side of the lash are you on? I didn't like the last few McSweeney's because they were hard to read for one reason or another. Too much of a puzzle box some of them. I think no.2 was my favorite and now this one so far. Also it's really affordable again. Kelly Link's "Catskin" is funny and spooky and suprising, and I'll read it to you over the phone some night when you are feeling low.

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