red wheel barrow



i'm sitting here waiting for some friends to go get indian food. i'm hungry like the wolf. got up late, drank coffee, and lay around like an invalid, laptop, phones, and books and green tea within easy reach. and forgot to eat. and now i'm too hungry to watch tv or read even. the vcr clock moves so slow. just a minute ago i looked around for food and my cupboards are bare, bare, bare. and it's too close to indian food time to go out and get something. i also looked in the pocket of the coat i had on last night, convinced i had one of the manderin oranges that came with the check at Katsu last night. but the pocket was empty. i thought i had taken two but i must of just taken one (the one i gave away). i should start leaving that william carlos wiiliam, i ate your plum and they were cold and delicious poems to myself. from the current me to the later me who will be the current me.

dear andrew,

i'm sorry i don't make sense here but i'm really hungry and i blame the even earlier andrew for being too lazy to go get breakfast. also i'm sorry there is no cream in the house for your coffee tommorow morning.



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