Rochester has great custard and Indian food, and bad bars. But even the bad bars were super fun for us wedding guests this weekend. On Friday there was an after rehearsal dinner at an Indian place followed by movies at the Dryden. Boxes of candy were thrown to guests and a certain young man in a gorilla suit ran out and did a funky dance for everyone. We watched great short films, trailers (Blackula Screams!) and Peter Seller’s “the Party”.

On Sat. the ceremony was held at another art movie house, the Little Theater, and after a screening of a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon, the lights went up and the bride walked down the aisle as “Sleep Walk” by Santo & Johnny played. And then Jim and Katie were married by Judge O’Connor (who happens to be Philip Seymour Hoffman’s mom and told us fun stories about him) in a really short and sweet ceremony.

Then dinner and dancing and kareoke at a swank hotel/inn down the street. I drank too much and at one point, while having an intense conversation with someone, I brought up my glass to my mouth but forgot to open my mouth and drink, and so poured half a rum and coke down the front of my cream colored linen suit. But luckily it dried off pretty quickly (I think my tie soaked most of it up. Aw, I really like that tie. I better check on it after work.) so it didn’t look like I peed all over myself as we moved on to the hotel bar down the street for the after party. Also at one point Dave was on Bruce’s shoulders while singing, and I guess I missed it when they came crashing down. Ah, great wedding. Oh and Robert Forster was there. He’s friends with Jim I guess. But I was too shy to ask him about Peter Facinelli for Pam.

Oh and if you ever stop at a rest stop buffet in Indiana you pretty much get what you deserve.

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