san francisco pants



san francisco was amazing. can i move there? the weather was perfect and we walked miles, saw Far From Heaven (excellent), and the Gerhard Richter (you know, the candles on Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation? it's one of the most enjoyable retrospectives i've ever seen) exhibit, and ate a lot of good things (Mitchell's Ice Cream was worth the bus ride). also my mom just called to say that they are not sending the pants i left in korea because my dad is wearing them and likes them. that's so wrong (give 'em back fatty! you are stretching em out! uh, i mean, love you, dad...). i should go to sleep now because i have that Tuesday 7a.m. conference call i have to wake up too late again to make. if our co-workers in Europe and Asia are sick of us showing off our beatbox skills they could of just said so. by the way, we really should meet for lunch this week. how about 3am? Ok, see you there, friend.

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