seoul kings



My sister sent me some photos of her kid and some old family photos. Her kid is super cute and there is a really funny and horrifying photo of her at age 2 or so trying to climb into an junked rusty dryer or washing machine. Poor kid in the hands of my sister. It will be good fodder for her future memoir. Oh and there’s lots of photos of me around the same age, two or so, and I look just like a little Asian Andy Richter. My toddler head is a perfect sphere like early Peanuts cartoons. Also in two photos, where my parents are so young it's heartbreaking, they both look like they are throwing down gang signs. I thought I was seeing things but Tom noticed right away also. Explains so much to me about them. They are so busted! Hmm, I wonder if I still look like Andy Richter?

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