So your friends say, Hey, lets go see "Shiri" that South Korean action movie that's being released in the U.S. cause it was S.K.'s biggest hit ever. And you say, ok, it can't be that bad if they decided to actually release it commercially in the U.S. right? And it's always neat to see a movie set in a place I don't often see in movies. Wow. What a big, big mistake. I felt like the dad in the Corrections while watching the movie. It really was one of the most miserable experiences I've ever had at a movie and I want my money back and the chance to hit someone involved in that mess right in the head (film makers and producers have to start paying for their sins!). Spread the word. And the really sad thing is we almost went to see Melville's Bob le flambeur at the Music Box instead. On the other hand, I saw Princess Monomoko and the Hard Eight on dvd yesterday. Excellent! It helped wash the bad movie taste out of my head. Hey Jack Valenti, to hell with NC-17 and all that crap, what about ratings that protect the consumer from horrible movies?

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