slacking plan



My mandatory two-week vacation is coming up. Out of my vacation time, I have to take 10 biz days off in a row (not including weekends or holidays) once a year cause Iím in a ďsensitiveĒ position. Well, that would explain my bursting into tears at my desk. But because of my house move, Iím not really planning a trip during my time off. What should I do with my 2-weeks? I need a list, a plan or Iíll end up watching daytime TV and wasting my time. Not that I am against wasting time. Iím actually really good at it. But Iíd like to waste time in the best way possible. I guess Iím getting ambitious about my laziness. Iíd like to pursue activities that are fun and somehow distorts my perception of time so that the 14 days seem like a year. Hmmm. I should start a list of what Iíll need:

A sensory deprivation tank, a baggie of assorted drugs, a stapler, silver spoon, a T-1 line,

water-proof laptop, headphones, cellphone with earpiece, flashlight, digital camera, zippo lighter, five tickets to the Lyric Opera, paperclips, green tea, a bolt of cashmere, iBook, iPod, tiger balm, three Sherpas, sharpie pen, one perfect blood red ruby, two blank zip discs, surfboard wax, heated mattress pad, box of starwars band-aids, duct tape, and one red silk scarf. Ok, obviously thatís an incomplete list but at least I got the ball rolling.

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