A year or so ago I bought an old bicycle from a thrift store in Logan Square. I recently had it tuned up and today I rode it in to work in the Loop. The bike is green and has chrome fenders and upright handlebars and a big comfortable seat. It's also the slowest thing on two wheels.

I've never been a speedracer, as anyone who has ridden with me knows. I ride relatively slow cause I enjoy the relaxing aspects of bicycling. I'm not trying to get a speed rush like some people, seeing how fast they can get from point A to point B, blowing past red lights at intersections. And also my legs don't go very fast.

But man, this bike is so slow it makes me feel like I'm somehow pedaling back in time. It's a big boat on a sloooow river. I don't even need a helmet, maybe just a pillow in case I fall asleep.

So I think I'm going to have to shop for a new bike but I'll save this one for trips to the store down the street when I don't feel like walking for some reason, or if I don't feel like walking from my couch to the kitchen. Oh, and when I want to ride down a quite street real slow and smoke a cigarette. It's, I found out this morning on Huron street, between Western and Ashland, great for that. Back when my bike was made everyone still smoked and they probably took that into consideration. "It looks great, but what about when you light up? Is it too light and fast for that? Let's make it heavier."

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