It's suppose to snow tommorrow. It's just cold and grey outside right now and I'd like some snow. This is the most snowless Winter I've had here in Chicago. It will be nice to watch it come floating down if the weatherpeople are correct. I think I'd rather have snow then no snow since I don't have to shovel any of it and don't have to drive anywhere. But most of all I'm kind of sick of the whole Winter thing right now. I want some sun. This might be the Winter that breaks me. I was going to write more but it's time to get out of here and try to mail some packages. Did you know 2:30pm is a busy time for the post office here in the Loop? It was packed and I had to turn around and go back. Hopefully 5pm has a shorter line. I can't belive it's 1/15 and I've yet to hit you with a snowball. But you better watch out tommorow...

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