I've been pretty busy with a new job that keeps me busy and movies and books and now my superfast DSL internet connection. Been downloading mp3 files like crazy. There's so much to sample. I like it when I'm just sort of looking at the Napster search screen and bummed cause my brain is frozen with too many choices and then from beyond the veil comes a song that I forgot about and that I love but never bought for one reason or another, maybe waiting for this moment, the best song in the world when it's playing. Like Shane MacGowan and Sinead O'Conner singing "Haunted" off of MacGowan's solo project post-Pogues. I've never heard him more charming in his rough, fucked up shambling drunk way or O'Conner sound more beautiful, all ghost like and far away. The pairing of those two is almost makes this a gimmick song but they pull it off and makes my want to hug my speakers and thank Napster.

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