it was a wet and stormy night



It's storming outside and I'm sitting in bed listening to the thunder and rain, reading Jasper Fforde's "the Eyre Affair " and I think you might like the book cause you are nerdy like that. The thunder sounds like it's gathering right above the roof of my apartment and it's loud enough that it's setting off car alarms. I can hear them go off on the next block over. That reminds me of the white Caddy in Logan Square whose alarm would go off for hours in the middle of the night one summer, every night for weeks. And it was always parked right outside my place. Imagine, after listening to the alarm going off every night, fustrated and furious, me holding on to the back of Tom's belt so he doesn't fall out of our second floor brownstone window as he leans way out, so he can get a good shot at the car with a raw egg. One night I opened the window and leaned out to throw another egg at it when I saw two young neighborhood kids right below, creep up to the car, shoeless and dressed like they just got out of bed. I watched them egg the car and run away, laughing. I went to back to bed after putting my egg back into the fridge.

HOLY CRAP. I just heard the loudest crack of thunder ever just now and car alarms are going off like crazy. It was loud enough that it actually hurt my ears and made me jump up a bit in bed. In a really brave way of course.

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