On Saturday I stopped at bike shop with Jill. She wanted one of those banana seat bikes that Willow rode once on Buffy. They didn't have it but we saw a couple of those baby strollers people use when they are jogging. Kind of the SUVs of baby strollers. The best one was really big and looked like a little tent on wheels. It was really exciting because we decided we wanted to buy one. We figured out that we both could fit in the deluxe model stroller and she could talk/make her boyfriend push us around town.

We started laughing hard cause we could see it so clearly. Us, drinking coffee and smoking cigs on a nice Spring day, sitting together, just relaxing and talking, shouting orders at him as he pushes us around the lakefront.


"Um, does this have to be this bumpy?"

"Tired? Wussy! It's not like Chicago has hills."

"Hey! Watch it! Your getting sweat on us!"

It's gonna be a great Summer!

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