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I’m at work from 6pm to Midnight, on Asian time, to work with the Asia regions till Thursday cause our man in Singapore has been on vacation working on his Masters in Something. I bet he’s just been at home watching the View on his satellite dish. So more time in the day for me to go xmas shopping I guess. And to watch the View.

On Sat. I had dim sum with Luku and Dani. That was fun. There was a girl there who was really nice but when I asked her if she was a vegetarian she made a face and got real quite for awhile and then just sort of blurted out “NO.”And finally explained, after Dani teased her about acting so surly about it, that she sometimes ate fish so she couldn’t say she was a vegetarian and that she thought people “eat too much meat.” Hahahah! She said it like she was 16 and me and Luku and Dani were her mom at Thanksgiving dinner and she had to explain why she didn’t want any turkey. All surly like we couldn’t possibly understand the concept. It was kind of irritating yet funny. I should of asked her if she wanted me to order her some dim sum that had chicken in it, since she was a vegetarian, then she could of stormed off to her room.

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