sunday shoes



I’m at work on a Sunday morning unpacking stuff and making sure all my “stuff” (official tech term) is working. I was pissed at first till I saw all the people who have to really work today, running around helping people like me. Just spent 10 minutes arguing with one of them who kept saying it was “impossible” to set up my computers and monitors the way I wanted to. And then he realized I was right and we did that whole polite thing where we pretend he didn’t just act like the tech guy on SNL and use the word “impossible” five times as if I had asked him if I could just use a Gameboy Advanced to do all my computer stuff. But he’s stressed and it’s not fair to make fun of him, except it’s fun. This morning, biking to the Loop via Elston, near the Morton Salt factory, I noticed a pair of men’s leather loafers, brown, neatly placed in the gutter, facing the curb. Like someone politely took them off before he stepped onto the sidewalk, so he wouldn’t get the sidewalk dirty, like you might do when entering a house in Asia.

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