I finished Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser this weekend. It was excellent. Really entertaining read. But what the hell am I suppose to eat now? I donít know. Maybe just homemade cake? I do know I wonít be buying any fast food from big chains any time soon. The marketing to kids and labor practices alone are disgusting. I know, I needed to read a whole book to know that? Well, it was a good reminder and it was good to learn the depressing details. Liberal muckrakers are the best!

This weekend was full of things I did not do. No chores I meant to do, no Perl class, and no Mogwai live. No Oscar parties. And I did not go to see the 4-hour long movie at the Film Center. But it all worked out. So much to do, so little attention span.

Bling Bling I had Pocky mousse flavor. It was good like Power Puff girls, tasty like new Buffy eps, cool like Garcia Marquez, rocking likeÖok, maybe it was not that good, but pretty good. Like masked mexican wrestlers.

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