After dinner at Great Seas we drove to Taste of Heaven so I could have some pie ala mode and I walked back home, cutting through the park at Argyle and Damen, where you can smell the lilacs that grow along the iron fence for a whole long city block, and kids are still playing soccer and on the swings, their fathers still in their heavy work clothes watching them, and the sky, as I walked directly West, looked so big it felt for the first time since I've been here that it was the same sky that covers California and beyond. That's probably the pie ala mode talking. And I get home and find a present, a heavy book waiting for me in the mailbox. Nice night. Oh and I also have a tape of last night's America's Next Top Model to watch. I'm going to critique all my friends as if they were contestants from now on. So you guys should go get your makeovers and be fierce and work it and stuff.

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