I'm going to NYC for a week soon. What should I not miss? I'm putting together a list. How much is it to stand on the Statue of Liberty's shoulder? Do they let you do that? Or only in the movies? Have they mechanized it yet? So that it dances when you push a button? Or is that also only in the movies? My friend A. is lending me her place for a week. How nice is that? SUPER NICE. I'm going to pretend I live in NYC for a week and complain about tourist. Always getting in my way on the sidewalks with their gawking at the tall buildings, always with the making the Statue of Liberty dance, and all that loud crying at the top of the Empire State Building because their soulmate did not show up to meet them. Have you seen the line to get up there? I don't think I'd be able to keep a date up there. You should hookup at Gray's Papaya instead. Is it true if you show up at Lou Reed's loft and say hello you really understood what he was trying to do with Metal Machine Music, he will take you out for lunch and some shoe shopping? Hey, they should have a cab company with cabbies that have mohawks and sunglasses like Travis Bickle. I'd only ride in those cabs. What's the last great movie set in New York City? Ghostbusters? I knew you were going to say that.

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