Tonight the train in front of mine caught on fire so they shut down the EL. I was stuck in my train for over an hour. With the power off. It was rush hour and so my train was packed with people. Imagine the smells and body heat. I guess when you compare my experience to real hardships itís nothing. But man it sucked. The worst was the way people cracked bad jokes, trying to play to the captive crowd. Itís not bad enough that we are stuck in a cramped, hot train? We have to listen to you ďimprovĒ also? At first they would just mutter under their breath and then they would get a little bolder and soon they were shouting for all of us to hear. And of course there were some people who were laughing. Forced, stressed laughs from people, way too loud. Please Dudes (and of course it was all dudes), we are stuck on the train, not sharing a dorm room. We really donít need to bond over this. God, save it for your online diary like normal people.

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