I Heart PostMod!



Have you been reading gawker.com (i read it first actually at Lia's site) and the whole trucker hat thing that was also written about in the nytimes? I like what the Yeah Yeah Yeah guy said how it's uncool now so it's cool for him to wear the hats. The whole thing brings up a lot of interesting issues about trends and the concept of "cool" and who makes the rules and how it spreads and when it ends and how. When it comes to fashion, it's started by some creatives and then spread wider by marketing people? By word of mouth and then wider via traditional marketing channels like Gap commercials? But with the Net now, it's all done by an announcement on craigslist.org? I dunno but I've enjoyed reading all the rants. It reminds me of the whole anti-postmodern novel essays and reviews that came out a little after Infinite Jest hit the best seller's list (i'm sure it was earlier also but i'm not an academic and didn't notice). Basicly both the anti-postmodern and the anti-trucker people seem to be saying, "You think you are so cool but you are not!"

I'm going to ride the backlash of the backlash and get a trucker/gimme mesh cap made that says, "I HEART THE CORRECTIONS."

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