true confessions



This Diary stuff is hard. I have no desire to pour my heart out to anyone but taxi drivers who work for HBO.

I'm listening to the Republican Party's first debate. Why? Cause I'm at work and I can't watch tv. What a waste of time. I wish I could ask them questions. Like,"Senator, do you like me?" and, "Mr. Forbes, in the last year, how young is too young for you. Oh, you know what I mean, Mr. Forbes." "Senator Hatch, since you work for the public, isn't fair to say "WE" the public bought those pants you are wearing? Can we have them back please?"

There's a disconnect between the Republican Party and what the average citizen wants.

Actually, I just wanted to use the new made-up word everyone is using this year, "disconnect." It's this year's "pro-active". And Orange is the new black. Or is it plaid?

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