Luku/Dan was telling me that he wants to watch commercials on tv with some realistic language. He elaborates in an email to me:

*excerpts from commercial I hope to see some day...

Woman 1: "Now Tide has ULTRA cleansers!" Woman 2: "No shit?"

Woman 1: "Tide wouldn't shit about the fighting power of new Tide Ultra"

Announcer Guy: "Some Frozen Pocket-Foodstuff products want you to wait at least FIVE minutes for their product to microwave"

Shot of Bright Exuberant Kid: "That's fucked up!" Announcer Guy: "But not hot pockets!"

Shot of Woman sitting at her Deskjob massaging her temples. Co-Worker walks up. Co-Worker: "What's wrong Sally? Headache?"

Sally: "Yeah, and Mr. Johnston wants this report by 5" Co-Worker: "Why don't you tell him to go fuck himself?" Sally (now happy and energetic): "I think I'll do that!"*


My favorite phrase from the above is, "That's Fucked Up!" Some marketing guy should see if they could trademark that just in case people start swearing in commercials anytime soon.

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