yes! drunken winter continues! it's so great when someone says to see their band and they turn out not to suck and are rocking and great. also they played the best punky Men at Work cover ever! one of the best local chicago bands i've seen in awhile.

but the opening bands. sigh. you dudes really shouldn't wear those leather pants (was it a joke? paunchy science teacher /university of chicago grad student looking guys with blousey oxford shirts over leather pants? if so, what a waste of money and cow either way)...also the guy with the super tight american flag shirt with the big ass silver chain...ow my eyes! is there some sort of sunglasses that blocks sights like that? i'd buy some and wear them all the time. when the opening band said they had four more songs to go after playing forever, i think for a second i was legally dead when my heart stopped at the news. we put our heads down next to our beers and wept. did i mention i didn't like the opening band?

and on the ride home, S. confessed that she use to love Men at Work, and at age fifteen, in canada, she rushed the stage at one of their shows . and the best part was, the bandmember she rushed, blinded by teenage love, before being taken off stage by security, was the flute player. nerd!

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