Wow, Montreal was great. One of the best cities I’ve ever been to. Friendly people, good nightlife, incredible Portuguese bakeries, dim sum, deli food (that was the best coleslaw i ever had) and beautiful architecture. And I saw Kids in the Hall Scott Thompson walking down the street (but couldn’t get tickets to his show, sigh). What more can you ask for? Oh! And cheap used records and sexy French accents! They even have the best donuts. Is the rest of Canada so cool? Hey Montreal, do you have a sister?

On Sat. night just as we walked past two guys who looked kind of thuggy (for Montreal) one said, “…And I gave him the “Unexpected Punch” just like you told me….”

“The Unexpected Punch”? Montreal martial arts? From the name, it sounds very effective.

We decided later that one of us should have punched him right as we heard that. That would have been truly unexpected, not to mention pretty fucking funny.

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