I'm tired but before I pass out I'd like to say that, one, I ate at my favorite mexican place tonight but will no longer tell people the name cause they don't need the extra biz (not that people actually listen to me about stuff like that), and two, I just read Richard Yate's Revoluntionary Road and it's really good. J. was write, it's great. I thought it was scary, funny, and still fresh (it was written in 1960). I see some of the same faults the characters have in myself and my friends and that's the scary part. But also the funny part. You gotta laugh cause it's more acceptable on the train then crying.

Oh and three I just want to say I love unix geeks. They are always happy to share their knowledge which I'm always needing. Hurrah for unix geeks, cousin to the dirtynerd.

"Proud brothers

Do not fret

The bus will get you there yet

To carry us to the lake

The club is open

Yeah, The club is open

Hey, the club is open..."

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