protests and vaginas



After work Dan and I walked over to the anti-war rally in the Loop. There was a lot of people and even more cops. Two helicopters circled overhead. I left before the actual marching where I just read that hundreds of protesters were arrested.

"There is a distinction between a war protest and civil disobedience," Chicago Police spokesman Pat Camden said. "Civil disobedience will not be tolerated."--Chicago Tribune

That's fucked up and scary to read.

I walked up a few blocks and Sara picked me up and we had incredible fish and chips at the Red Lion and then went to see Jill in the Vagina Monologues. Jill was great! Very funny. And I was suprised by how much I liked it . I think the best word for it is "nice". And I mean that in the best way, without any sarcasm.

When she came out after to see us she looked like she was going to cry and said it was the worst crowd she had all week and that she was sorry about being so terrible. Her director was with her and said the same about the crowd. Crazy sensitive actors. I guess the crowd was quiter than usual. I can't help it, I don't laugh outloud so much. But I laughed INSIDE a lot, I swear.

Some of her friends and I stayed and got to listen to the director backstage give his notes to the actors. It's like when Pam gives me notes after parties about what I did wrong and what I should of actually said to people and what was wrong with what I wore. And then we went and had some drinks.

Our super nice waiter left before we did and Nell handed him some money for his tip on his way out the door, and then we realized we gave him too little. So Jill grabbed some money and sprinted out to give him more. Except what she thought was the door out was not. So she ran really fast right into a broom closet. By the time she got outside he was out of sight on Lincoln Ave. But she ran off looking for him as Nell and I sat there watching out the window, laughing. She caught him. That's what I like about her. She actually ran out and chased him down while I was thinking of just leaving it for him with the bartender. And then when she got back she told us about acting out the game Donkey Kong with her little brother when they were kids. And how he started molesting a pillow cause it "felt good" in the middle of the game and she yelled at him, "CUT IT OUT! LUIGI WOULDN'T DO THAT!!!" On the way home my Korean cab driver told me his son dropped out of DePaul and has not been home for two weeks after being scolded for laying around the house and not looking for a job. When he dropped me off he tried to refuse my tip. Hey Kid! If you are reading this, call your parents.

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