Today I walked to work. It took me about an hour and a half. I woke up around 10am, completing a perfect 8 hours of sleep and set off for work, meaning to catch the bus. But it was such a nice day so I just kept walking, passing bus stop after bus stop, till I reached work. It was great. I listened to my radio, thought about my nice weekend, obsessed about the usual stuff, re-ran old tv shows in my head, imagined the deaths of my enemies and the glorification of my friends. The usual stuff I think about when I'm walking for a long distance. It's the first long walk on a nice day I've been on in a couple of months and I forgot how relaxing and interesting walking is for me. I kept noticing stores and restaurants I'll have to check out soon that I would have never noticed if I weren't walking. I even saw some good art in the windows of an art gallery I didn't know existed. Good art is rare, especially in a gallery. And on a corner, close to the chocolate factory, I passed a field of purple flowers in an empty lot. It made me wish I knew the names of flowers and trees. But then I thought, hell, I wish I knew the names of people I've know for months. I notice this weekend my use of "What's his face" is becoming a lot more frequent. Anyway, the walk was good. It gave me a chance to think about a lot of things. When I finally reached my office I walked into my manager's office and quit. I'll be here at this job for 3 more weeks and then I don't know. I hope my next job is within walking distance.

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