This weekend:

On Friday night I rode a cab with a Chinese cabby from Beijing. He agreed with me that there is no good Chinese food in Chicago. There, that's scientific proof. He told me all the Korean food he liked and I listed some of my favorite Chinese foods. We made each other hungry.

He dropped me off at Iggy's and I saw something strange. Iggy's, at Midnight, had a mix of White, Asian, and Black customers! You hardly see that in Chicago, not to mention the rest of America. Of course, they all went home in Range Rovers and Jaguars. From there we rode to the Black Beetle in Chris W.'s grandfather's (now his) 88 Oldsmobile. Smooth ride. I went home in K.'s lil' Metro. I think she should buy a Range Rover and we could all go be multi-racial at Iggy's.

On Sat. afternoon I rode the bus and saw a really big man wearing shorts outside. They should form a club cause even on the coldest day I always see one guy outside in the cold wearing shorts. But I have a feeling they would not get along with each other. They probably see themselves as iconoclasts. But they could walk around together and grumble about all the wimpy "longpantsers".

I got to Jill's place and she gave me a gift I really liked. Towels. You are a grown up when you like towels as gifts. I don't know what it means when you are a kid and you like towels on Christmas morning under the tree.

I went home and took two naps. When I woke up and looked outside it had snowed and everything was covered in it. I wondered where the guy in shorts was. Mike came to pick me up and I threw a snowball at him. I'm afraid that I am a snowball thrower.

The new Wishbone is not bad but not that special. Later at Schubas we watched the lead singer of a band sweat through his mock-turtle neck sweater. The sweat looked like one of those psychological ink blot tests. I can't tell you what I saw in the blots. That's between me and my therapist. Chris shouted over the music that me and Mike should move in with him when he moves back from Pitt. He said we should get tri-level bunk beds. I suggested matching pajamas. The Three Stooges. Woo hoo, look out ladies!

Later at the Green Mill Chris and I fell in love with two girls at the bar who were talking to each other via sign language when they weren't holding hands and kissing. I think they were signing, "It's so good we don't have to listen to those two guys staring at us. Too bad we still have to look at them. Let's pretend to also be blind."

On Sunday I saw Topsy Turvy, a movie about Gilbert and Sullivan, and now know what Sideshow Bob was singing about on that episode of the Simpsons. And had dinner with Frances at Papa Jin's, the closest thing to good Chinese food I've found. I wonder if the cab driver would have liked it?

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