Let's see. I saw the Super Furry Animals on Friday night and they were great. It was funny how I couldn't understand a thing the lead singer said except when he sang, like that Ozzy skit on SNL. Super thick Welsh accent. Hey, that could be a band name. Ok, maybe not. And of course there was a dumb, super wasted, drunk guy bugging people, like there seems to be at every show. He was clapping the whole time and drinking the beer left in other people's beer bottles. Nice. He's your boyfriend, ok? Ok. Also saw Timeout at the Music Box. A little long and slow at times but I liked it and it's scary how I think I'm almost as weird as the main character but in a different way. Um, you thought that about yourself as well, right? The guy in the movie pretends to have a job and doesn't tell his family he was fired and lies to people about a new job to steal money from them. And maybe you date some guy who gets all drunk at shows and drinks other people's leftover beer dregs and claps out of tune for every song super loud. That's pretty weird. And me, never mind about me. I was just kidding. I'm not weird at all. If nobody else ever sees the weird stuff you do, does that still make you weird? What? I'm just asking for a friend.

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