whistle down the wind



Friday: breakfast at Orange where they put cucumber slices in the water. Stop that. Then Spiderman. Fun. Then Hutenbar. Sat: laid around in a daze until 10pm or so, then went to see Tim's band the Hentchmen. Tim has awesome rock star guitar moves and they rock hard, Detroit garage style. Pam asked me if my hair was suppose to look like the Rock's and was giggling when the organ player said to the soundboard guy, "Hey, can I get a little more organ here?" She will deny it but she was.Waxwings headlined and played some excellent songs. Sunday: Steak, NYTís,TV and lemon Whole Foods soap were involved. Oh and some guy with his guitar, probably after a class at the Old Town School of Folk, was whistling on the Lincoln Ave. bus. Uh, stop. You can't play your radio without headphones on public transportation so clearly itís not right to whistle, right? Itís not civilized. Unless he could of whistled the banjo duel from Deliverance or something fancy like that. But it was just tuneless stuff. So he was just making noise. I can make noise also by doing the hand in the underarm thing but you donít see me doing that on the bus or train. I know, I get annoyed a lot. Maybe I should give up the sweet, sweet, life giving coffee.

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