“Well I set the sun on a big wheel wagon, I’m bragging, I’m always in love…” sings Jeff tweedy in a sweet acoustic set recorded at the now shuttered Lounge Ax. I feel lucky to hear this live recording. His voice sounds so fragile and cigarette worn, just him and a guitar, a bare and quite version of the studio song. It’s so great.

But the people in the crowd. Ugh. In between the lyrics you hear people going “Whoooooooo!”

Thanks. I bet he loves to hear his songs compete with you making that stupid sound. And thanks for all the times you have stood next to me at shows to shout “Whoooooooooo!” as loud as you could scream in my ear. I’m sorry you can’t be on stage but I’m sure screaming like that makes you feel better. Hey, it’s great that instead of beating around the bush you are literally screaming for attention.

I vote Whooooooo as the most fucked up sound in America in this year 2001. You agree? Whoooooooo!!!!

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