I bought this really long cable for my laptop. It runs from my DSL modem in the basement and up a hole in the floor to the living room area. So now I could sit on the roof of the bungalow and check my email and stuff. Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous, yards and yards of cable trailing me as I decide I want to listen to some internet radio station while I'm in the kitchen. It's even long enough for me to sit out in the backyard! I know, cause I was out there in a lawn chair testing it out a few minutes ago. This is the future of technology? A super long cord? Is Wired Magazine going to do a review of super long wires and cords and all their many uses? Prob. not but they should cause it's like $300-$500 cheaper than buying wireless hardware. I had to borrow a drill from Kerri next door to enlarge the hole in the floor that was already there for a phone line. And when she brought it over she said (only half jokingly) that I could borrow it only if I told her what I was drilling. I should of answered the door with a X penned on my forehead. Saw AI this weekend. I liked a lot of it but it didn't floor me, didn't come out of it giddy with the pleasure of viewing a great film. I'm waiting on Ghost World. I'm hoping it delivers the goods.

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