Last night I saw Brotherhood of the Wolf. Imagine if that was the only French movie you ever saw? Itís a French period piece, set in the 1800ís in rural France. But itís pretty much a Hong Kong kung fu movie with a lot of the drawbacks of a bad Hong Kong action flick and a little of the pleasures. I enjoyed some of it. It was sort of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon meets Last of the Mohicans made by a video store geek and the guy who did the Red Shoe Diaries. It had a kung fu fighting (not very good fight sequences actually) American Indian (last of his tribe of course), a monster, heretics, royal court politics, some bad guys who looked like Klingons, a brothel, and a sexy female Vatican undercover assassin/hooker sent by the Pope. Jamie said she was prob. the Popeís daughter. I love history! I do wish they pushed the cheese factor even further and had the Marquis De Sade show up and do some S&M style kung fu. And maybe a young, time traveling Abe Lincoln also, to show France his fearsome Honest Log Cabin Fist fighting style. And Lincoln and De Sade would of formed an uneasy alliance in order to catch the monster and along the way, after some funny fights, become fast buddies despite their cultural and sexual differences!"What? You, Abe, do not like the bondage and fromage??? Ah how cans I works with you Americanzzzzz???" Ok, I guess now Iím talking about MY dream movie.

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