If I were an interior decorator on Trading Spaces, and in charge of the $1000, every room I did would be the same: I wouldn’t change anything but there would be a new $1000 tv in the room. You would like that, right? Better than hay on your walls and your couches painted pink. Speaking of furniture, I spent almost the whole weekend in Logan Square building bookcases. Katherine, cause she’s crafty like that and knew I was looking for bookcases, came up with a plan for us to build stackable wooden cubes. We would work together, make an assembly line, and then split the results. They are coming along nicely and it was fun, but I’m so tired. Building the bookcases from scratch was a lot more work then I expected. The difference between putting together something from IKEA and actually building something from scratch is quite huge. Trips to Home Depot, hauling wood to and from the car, measuring, cutting, drilling, screwing, gluing, sanding, varnishing. We have at least 3 more days of work to put in. It could be done faster but Katherine has this thing about the bookcases actually looking nice and being sturdy and well made. Which, I guess means she couldn't work for Trading Spaces.

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