The Sundance Film Festival was pretty cool. Patís short film Mullitt was hilarious and so well done. I laughed so hard and the rest of the audience seemed to like it. Iím glad Jim invited me to go see it.

Did I meet and see famous people? I DID! But I feel stupid actually writing about it.

But I will say Jacqueline Bisset still looks great in leather pants and that those Real World kids are everyfuckingwhere, and somewhere Tracy Lords is wearing a t-shirt with Patís face on it. Patís Mullitt t-shirts are cool. Iím wearing one right now. Wow, who would of thought me and Tracy Lords would own the same clothes?

Bisset was in Sleepy Time Gal, the best film I managed to catch. Itís about family and regret and getting old and other stuff I usually donít want to think about. But this was so good. Smart and not movie-predictable and in the end so sad. It was, I think, art.

When I got back to Chicago I slept from 6pm to 8am the next morning. I liked it. Maybe I should sleep like that every night?

Go read Pamís diary entry about her trip and the new game ď..But the thing is..Ē. which is sort of like ďWho would you do/Death is not an optionĒ. We met for dinner tonight and were in tears, laughing so hard about it.

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