Today I went to see State and Main with Jamie and Jim. We drove up to Evanston and went to one of the new, fancy theaters. Fancy. They even gave away cd wallets with a free crappy cd and a pin that said THX, advertising George Lucasí version of Dolby. I pinned it to my sweater just to make J&J laugh. Who the hell else would wear that pin? What a waste of money.

Anyway, State and Main was good. Very funny and maybe a little deeper than you might think after one viewing (or I might be way off about that, I'll have to think it over a little more). But the exciting part was when Jim told me that he passed on to Jonathan Rosenbaum, the Chicago Reader film critic, a small observation about a character in Finding Forrester (which was ok, but not great but that kid is great) that I had made. And Rosenbaum liked it! And he mentions my little observation in print! Thatís exciting! Rosenbaum is hella smart (I bet he doesnít even use words like hella), an actual intellectual. So that was great but got me thinking, what other big thinkers am I unknowingly influencing? I bet it spreads all over the world, from film criticism, to politics, to fashion! Iím pretty sure I said out loud in 1990 that people should start wearing orange a lot more. Or, as is more likely, I need to start making smart observations out loud a lot more. OH! Maybe thatís why some people talk so loud at movies and on trains and in other public places???? What if Jim didnít know Rosenbaum? How would my idea have gone from my mouth to Rosenbaum ear? If I had shouted my idea out loud, then it would have had a chance of being heard by someone who knew someone who knew Rosenbaum. Ahhh, so thatís the secret of spreading your ideas. Of course, now I have no more smart thoughts or observations. Unless Rosenbaum or anyone else finds the observations that the ďCharlieís Angels are really cute and mangos kick assĒ somehow useful or enlightening. Mmmhh, I bought mangos tonight.

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