Itís so late but I wanted to ask: What month is this? Cause Beulah rocked so hard tonight at the Abbey Pub I thought it was ROCKTOBER!!! Yeah, sorry. But they really were an incredible live band. What a great way to start the first show of Spring for me. Itís my official first Spring show since I rode my bicycle there. The rain had stopped and it turned out to be pretty warm out. I rode up an empty Montrose for most of the trip and it was cake. But I think Tom and I were the only people who biked. Cause we are hardcore like that! The only bad part about the show was the really wasted guy and his slightly less wasted friend. They got up to the stage and were pumping their fists in the air the whole time and shouting and bumping into people near them and being asses. Other people always ruin things, right? At one point a small blonde woman actually hit the really wasted guy in the stomach. No effect. And I think another woman took a swing also. One guy grabbed him from behind but the guy kept jumping up and down like he didnít noticed. No bouncers at the Abbey I guess cause they were there till the last song. I donít think Iíve ever seen someone so fucked up at a show. Beulah themselves were super nice to the moron, like maybe they are use to dealing with them, and treated him like their retarded cousin or something, being really gentle with him. Whereís a Hellís Angel when you need one? Oh, and Jeff Tweedy was hanging out by the stage near us for a few songs. He told me you guys better buy a copy of the official release of the new Wilco when it comes out cause he knows you have the bootleg. Ok, he didnít actually say that to me out loud but you know, with his eyes.

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