It's Sunday and we went out to buy some stuff to barbeque tonight for dinner. It's still early and I'm lying around listening to Family of God, a band I am not that familiar with but like a lot so far. The room is cool. I just ate some sushi I bought at Whole Foods in Evanston. I'm not hungry, I'm not sleepy, I'm not anything but reading Margaret Cho's "I'm the One the that I want."

Yesterday I went out ready to spend some money on a new bicycle but thankfully the super nice woman at OutSpoken Bikes on Belmont took care of me. I got a great deal on a used bike for less than a quarter of what I thought I'd need to spend. I can't believe how nice she was and if you ever need a bike (new and some old ones) or just a tune-up, please go see her.

The deepest lake in the U.S. is Crater Lake, OR. 1,932 feet deep. I have a 2001 World Almanac laying around that I bought for someone as a gift but never got around to giving. Crater Lake. Someday I'm going to drop something in there. I don't know what but it might be something that belongs to you. Of course I'd pick Crater Lake to drop something of yours in. Only the best for you, Darling. Only the best!

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