lonely and amazing



that's Erin of the Beatings. How cool is the kindergarden teacher rockstar look?

I'm not rocking out like that. Life's been sort of like Nicholson Baker's "the Mezzanine" for me, where nothing exciting actually happens, just the character's thoughts on mundane subjects as he rides up an escalator, back to his office. Except I have no thoughts I could stretch out into a slim and prize winning novel. So yah, boring. Except I've had the Sea and Cake's cover of Bowie's "Sound and Vision" on repeat. If the thoughts in my head are not so interesting, at least the music can be.The vocal arrangement on it is amazingly pretty. That reminds me, when I rented the dvd of "Lovely and Amazing" by myself, on a Friday night recently, the teenage clerk behind the counter looked up at me from the register and said, "LONELY and Amazing" was due back in two days. And then she looked away, all embarrassed (as I did also) as she handed me the movie. Wow, she thinks I'm amazing?

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