ok i think i've been up for two days now without sleep. i better crash now cause i'm sitting here in the middle of my bed but it feels like i'm in a canoe? it's kind of neat actually. oh, in korea, my dad made me go to the public bath every morning for a shower, a hot soak and a sauna. it was pretty relaxing actually but took some getting use to cause it's all done buck naked. all you get are these little tea towels for drying off and sitting on. and one morning his realtor or his CPA was in there and i was introduced and i didn't know if i was suppose to shake hands. Cause you know, we were both standing there naked. i put my hand out first and we shook hands but i still don't know if i was suppose to. i'm pretty sure it's the first time i've ever shook anyone's hand while naked. travel broadens your experiences.

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